Chopped Brussels Sprout & Bacon Salad

1 lb brussels sprouts
4 slices of bacon
4 hard boiled eggs
1 small apple, diced
Dulcet Lemon Mustard & Dill Sauce
Sea salt & fresh ground pepper

1. To prepare the brussels sprouts, peel away blemished outer leaves and discard.
2. Cut each sprout in half and then using a paring knife carefully cut out the core.
3. One at a time, place the cut side of the sprout on a cutting board, and use your chef knife or whatever knife you are most comfortable handling, to slice the sprout into thin strips (it will look like you are making brussels sprout confetti).
4. Wash the prepared sprouts in a colander and drain well, a salad spinner works well for the job too. Set aside.
5. Cook the bacon until just crunchy, pat off excess grease with a paper towel, and cut bacon into chucky bacon bits.
6. Coarsely chopped the hard boiled eggs.
7. To assemble the salad, place the prepared sprouts, bacon bits, chopped egg and diced apples into a large bowl and toss with the Lemon Mustard & Dill Sauce, and season to taste with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Serves 4-6

This recipe is adapted from a salad that Pam & Alan enjoyed at one of their favorite Portland restaurants, Caffe Mingo

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