About Dulcet



Our heart and founder, Pam Kraemer, began Dulcet in her home kitchen. After 20 years as an international flight attendant eating her way around the globe, Pam resolved to bring the vast array of flavors she experienced abroad to people at home. She started by creating a few all-natural, exotic sauces on her stove, and selling them at her hometown farmer’s market in Portland, Oregon in 2004. One thing led to another, and before she could say “Mild Indian Curry Sauce”, Dulcet was being sold in stores across the Pacific Northwest.

During a family vacation, Pam and sister-in-law Alison began talking about the challenges and complexities of the specialty food business.  A serial entrepreneur, designer, and passionate problem-solver, Alison jumped in to help manage the ever growing creative and business demands of Dulcet. Together since 2008, Alison and Pam have been working hard to to bring you exceptional flavors, pure products, and compassionate customer service.

We are grateful to our customers and the wonderful emails we receive. If it were not for these daily devotions, we would be a sad bunch. So thank you and have fun dreaming of beautiful food!